Where can I get the game?

Although I imagine Cauldron II was available on a number of 8-bit platforms, I'm a shameless promoter of all things Amstrad, so I'll be guiding you in that direction. First off, you'll need an Amstrad CPC emulator. I now use and recommend Ulrich Doewich's CaPriCe32:

CaPriCe32 - The Amstrad CPC Emulator

The instructions for the emulator are very comprehensive and it's easy to use, so you shouldn't have any problems. Once you've got that going, you'll need Cauldron II itself. Technically, you should not be running this game unless you own a copy of the original. The risk is yours. You can find Cauldron II online at:

The Amstrad CPC Games Resource

For loads of information on the CPC in general, be sure to check out CPC Zone:

CPC Zone

Happy gaming!